Seen first on my grandparent's fridge, baby Leah.

Everybody dies, right?

I always feared getting older. Every day seemed one step closer to death.

I remember as a kid watching those medicine-based commercials, you know the ones where they are advertising Claritin or some sort of over-the-counter drug.

There’s usually picture-perfect b-roll of happy looking people frolicking in a field of…

It’s official, I’ve been at Microsoft for another 365 days, making this my two year anniversary at this company. If you haven’t read last years reflection get caught up here:

As I begin to write this second year reflection, I’m sitting at a bagel shop in New York grabbing a…

Leah Shin

Product Marketing Manager @Microsoft, prev T-Mobile, BCW Global, Peach, Jumpstart + Design Student ‘19 | 👩‍💻

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